How to select a camera

In commemoration of the fine day of the child. Let’s leave figures that grew up in the entrance ceremony, entering a kindergarten ceremony, graduation ceremony. Let’s record figures that we take on big school satchel diligently, state to see only in “at that time” including bright figure during the ceremony. Cameras・We introduced how to choose a video camera and recommended product. In addition, spring is the season of “cherry blossoms” when the town is colored pink. We introduce the point of cherry blossom photography.

How to select a camera

mirrorless camera

◆We check

body weight and size Assize of the body is small compared to the digital single-lens reflex camera we put in the bag and are easy to carry. The person who wants to make much of lightness of movement shoot if we can grasp grip from a model with the light body well The camera is stable when

◆Eye recognition function

It is important to focus on the eyes by the photography of a person. If there is the function of “eye recognition” that automatically detects the pupil of a person and makes it easy to focus, we can easily photograph and are convenient

digital single-lens reflex

Touch operation & variable-angle liquid crystal

If it is the movable LCD screen, it becomes easy to photograph from a child’s gaze. In addition, it is convenient because we can easily operate a touch panel-adaptive model for the sense to operate a smartphone.

Optical finder and magnification

As light passes through the lens hits the finder directly by the mirror’s reflection, there is a comfort that we can photograph while looking into the natural scenery. If the numerical value of finder magnification is big, we see the subject greatly.

compact digital camera

High magnification zoom

We greatly draw distant subjects that cannot approach and can photograph. If there is optical zoom more than 20 times, it can cope with various scenes.

1-inch image sensor

As the image sensor is bigger than a general compact digital camera and a high-resolution smartphone, the point is that the image quality is good. Although it is small and light, even high sensitivity suppresses noise and is superior in color reproducibility.

■Recommended camera

Shooting with thought Cameras is serious while there is a lot of baggage. Lightweight, compact Cameras are recommended. In addition, we can leave well even if we are in a place away from a child if we choose a major type of zoom magnification.

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